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Carnival Cruises Keep 100% Sale

Hello BNT Agents!

October brought a cold weather (good for us!)

It’s getting colder and its perfect time to book your client’s cruise getaway to warm destinations like Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii.

As a reminder for those of you who recently joined BNT, in 2017 BNT Travel launched unique program (flash sale) that will allow you to keep 100% of the commissions and boost the sale.

Today we are happy to announce Flash Sale “Keep 100%” on all bookings with Carnival Cruises.

All Carnival Cruise Line bookings made and paid in full between Oct 24 and Oct 29 2018 are eligible for 100% commissions. Yes, you will keep all of it with no exclusions!

This offer is not valid for bookings made before or after promotional period.


Make easier cruise bookings and save valuable time by booking online at (for travel agents only)


Call Carnival Cruise Line at 800-764-7419. You will be asked for our CLIA or phone N


Right after you paid in full for the booking, you must submit it to our back-office site at and enter PROMO CODE: CARNIVAL100

Happy Holiday Season & Happy Selling!!!

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