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Another Great Reason to Choose Vacation Express

Another day, another great news for our agents!

Vacation Express recently introduced vacation payment plan with "Reduced Deposit Plan".

This program designed specifically for your clients outside of our charter markets. Reduced Deposit Plan is a Vacation Express exclusive tool to help you close your sale. The Reduced Deposit Plan allows your client to pay only $235 per person, regardless of ticket cost, and be fully ticketed on scheduled air.

The remainder of the booking balance is due 45 days prior to departure.

Here are some program details:

  • The plan is valid on all carriers - regardless of the airline and is valid for both published and private airfares. Please note, the Reduced Deposit Plan may not be available for certain tickets with a value of over $700 and is not available with Vacation Express charter flights, as deposits have already been reduced to an even lower $100 per person.

  • To opt-in, simply select the RDP under the "Booking Options" header when finalizing a reservation (see example below).

  • Pay a reduced deposit of $225 per person ($450 per couple) regardless of air ticket cost.

  • RDP is available at a commissionable fee of $10 per person, due at time of deposit.

  • Deposits are non-refundable.

  • We recommend clients protect their vacation investment by purchasing our Trip Insurance Plan which may cover deposits in the case of trip cancellation.

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