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Welcome ClientEase CRM!

Dear Travel Professionals,

Great news to share with all our agents!

BNT Travel is proud to partner with ClientEase to offer our agents a complete CRM that will both run your home-based travel agency and also assist in building your business.​

Whether you are a home-based agent, or an independent contractor, ClientEase is the perfect product to organize and operate your entire agency!

Our CRM was truly designed by travel professionals like you! ClientEase has evolved over the years through suggestions of our users.

It started out as a simple single-user system, and now it works for agencies with hundreds of agents, yet still works perfect for that single user.

We have everything you need so we are the only thing you need!

How much does it cost for BNT Agents?

  • Almost free – just 25 cents a day or $8 a month compare with $26 if you sign up with Client Easy independently

What does this price include?

  • Dashboard CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Cloud account

  • Your client travel history

  • Calendar

  • Auto-reminders

  • Accounting

  • Reporting

  • Marketing

  • Websites/email

  • Client portal

  • and much more – please visit the official ClientEase website to find out more

ClientEase offers a variety of customizable automatic emails. As long as you enter deposit and final amount due dates in the reservation, ClientEase will send auto-reminders of these payment dates. Other reminders include Disney Dining and Fast Pass registration based on the travel date of their reservation, birthday and anniversary greetings, as well as Bon Voyage and Welcome Home emails.

Please contact us to sign up and start professionally manage your business.

We will add you to our list and Client Ease representative will contact you shortly with this guaranteed price only for BNT Travel Agents.

Happy Selling!

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