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Cruises are in high demand

WASHINGTON DC, May 23, 2017 –Cruise Lines International Association "CLIA" announced the cruise industry has surpassed 2016 ocean cruise passenger projections, reaching 24.7 million cruise passengers globally up from a projection of 24.2 million. For 2017, based on current new vessel launch schedule and expected regional deployment, CLIA is projecting another positive year of growth for the industry with a passenger forecast of 25.8 million.

“One of the many reasons that the cruise industry continues to thrive is because of the personalization it is able to offer to its guests from around the world,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA. “Never before have I been a part of or seen an industry that is so good at listening and reacting to what its customers want, and this is why we are going to see our industry continue to grow.”

2016 Top Cruise Destinations

  1. Caribbean

  2. Mediterranean

  3. Europe

  4. Asia

  5. Australia/New Zealand/Pacific

  6. Alaska

  7. South America

What does it mean for us, for travel agents ?

You are more than welcome to give us your thoughts.

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