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Qualify Your Client

Qualifying your client’s wants and needs is the most important step in satisfying your client. To help you in this important step, we’ve put together the following list of questions and tips to help you best qualify your client.

  • “When are you looking to travel?” Get a specific date, date range, or season. Also, find out if they are flexible on the date or date range.

  • “How long is your vacation? 4,5,7 nights or even longer?”

  • “How many passengers will be traveling and what are their ages?” Discounts are available for seniors (cruise only) and children.

  • “Where are you looking to go?” Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Asia, etc.

  • “Have you been on a cruise or that destination before? If so, what’s your favorite cruise line or resort chain?” If they have been on a cruise before, find out if they are have cruise frequent traveler's member number (special promos available for registered members)

  • “What do you like or dislike about your previous travel experiences?” The idea here is to get a feel for the product best suited to your client.

  • “Are you looking for the most reasonably priced vacation or luxury one?” The goal of this question is to find out what kind of budget they have to work with.

  • “Are you looking for specific room at the resort or cabin on the cruise ship?” Don’t be afraid to mention the benefits and features of the better rooms.

  • “Are you able to depart from other nearby airport if price will be lower?"

  • “Are your travel docs like driver’s license (domestic travel only) or passports (if travel internationally) are valid?”

  • “May I please have your email address so that I can email you information or quote?” Another advantage of getting their email address is that you can then use it to market to them in the future.

  • “ What’s the best time to contact you?”

Once you have gathered the above information, it is time to start creating the clients excitement. Let them know that you’ll be researching the best price of their best vacation and you are working hard to get the best deal for them.

Be quick and confident. Guarantee your rates & let them know that you have access to the best resources in the industry! Happy Selling!

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