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Thinking of Leaving the Travel Business? Think Again!

What do the Olympics, job interviews, and the travel business have in common? At first glance, not much. However, through a more thoughtful analysis it can be observed that they are all quite similar. All three are loaded with an intense amount of competition, pressure, and, at times, a lack of hope, but also with large rewards, personal satisfaction, and career advancement. Thus, if you are an exhausted Olympic gymnast, unsuccessful job seeker, or (more relative this to this case) a travel agent seeing no promise in the future of the travel business, think again!

The travel industry is blossoming and in need of your involvement for several critical reasons:

No startup costs, no investments, no risk

Becoming an Independent Travel Agent in today’s booming entrepreneurial world requires no startup costs and no investments. You do not need to borrow money for office space rent, employees, or system fees. BNT Travel Group equips you with access to various resources and that allow you to perform all necessary transactions including hotel, airplane ticket, car rental, cruise line, tour operator and travel insurance bookings free of charge. All you need is a computer and passion.

Unlimited Travel Agent's Support

Beginning any new endeavor alone can be nerve-wracking, but this one does not have to be. Joining BNT Travel Group as an independent agent guarantees a constant support from in-office travel advisers who have acquired over 20 years of travel business expertise. BNT Travel Group encourages and promptly addresses all questions, concerns and needs of independent agents. After all, as a successful Host Travel Agency, we are here to achieve the same goal as you- more bookings, more work experience, and more travel. BNT Travel Group celebrates the successes of independent home based travel agents, and pledges to assist them on their path to each and every one of them.

Enrollment in a full-scale training program

BNT Travel Group welcomes travel agents of all levels. The free, meticulously-designed training program allows beginner, intermediate, and advanced travel agents to all realize their full potential. The program grants agents access to various booking systems, marketing templates, hundreds of familiarization (FAM) trips that educate agents on prominent vacation spots through travel itself, as well as user-friendly video tutorials. Aside from tangible training, BNT Travel Group gives agents a reputable and well-known brand image to work for. BNT Travel Group has been in the travel business for almost 15 years, and, with loyal customers, key connections, and exceptional staff, has earned a highly-regarded name with many clients, airlines, hotel chains, and booking websites.

Travel Industry with a growing revenue that you can generate a part of

The travel industry is on the rise with growing revenue and profit. Becoming an independent travel agent will allow you to partake in one of the most high-return jobs. Full-time travel professionals currently earn from $56,000 to $72,000. BNT Travel Group entrusts agents with at least 80 percent of commission. That is right, at least 80 percent for the beginners and up to 90% for the advanced travel agents. Let us say that as an independent BNT Travel agent, you make a sale with a commission of $1,000. At least $800 (at times, even more) of that commission is permanently yours. Aside from the monetary value that you can gain from becoming a home-based travel agent, you also have the opportunity of obtaining both professional and personal growth.

By engaging in customer service, working with a large firm, and traveling as part of your job, there is nothing to lose by joining BNT. Cheers!

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