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2021 is a Promising Year For Travel.

The passion for travel will never end! 2020 may have been a slowest year for travel, but this doesn’t mean that travel halted entirely. A multitude of clients still requested travel services. BNT Travel Group’s independent travel agents were among those on the front lines making sure that all customers were served, informed about travel policies and given the best vacations possible. We are gratified by our travel agents’ ability to continue working from home and earning commissions as usual despite the harsh circumstances the pandemic brought to not only the travel industry, but also to households, workplaces and public spaces.

So far, 2021 has looked a lot more promising for travel. With the rise in availability of vaccines, more venues have opened and many restrictions have been lifted. Tourists, travelers and event planners are already calling in to book travel!

Thanks to the dedicated travel agents who found their passion for travel and who have continued cultivating it with the BNT Travel Group family, clients who proceeded to request services during the pandemic have been able to go on their dream vacations.

Even the pandemic can’t snub the universal love of travel! Customers are always looking for well-rounded travel advisors.

Have passion for travel and are looking for a place to thrive?

Become a BNT travel agent today! Make a difference in the travel industry!

BNT Travel Group has always encouraged agents to chase their passion in spite of any obstacles. We work with home-based travel agents who are ready to enter the travel industry for free with an online travel agent course, the option to work full-time or part-time and high commissions (ranging from 80-90%), and without recurring fees.

Our online policies and benefits allowed our host travel agency to easily maintain contact with our travel agents and provide them with all they needed to continue working during stringent quarantine regulations in 2020. We are glad to be able to work from a safe but comfortable distance with our independent travel agents to this day!

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