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Unpaid Bookings - Important Information!

Hello BNT Agents!

It periodically comes to our attention that some of you have unpaid vendor bookings with outstanding past due balances. We just want to advise our agents about full responsibility of what you are doing as a travel agent on behalf of your clients and want to remind you that you (not client, not BNT Support Team) must take care of all unpaid balances due to vendors. In case if you missed the final payment, vendor can cancel reservation(s) without prior notices at any moment. There will be no option to reinstate it, clients will loose planned vacation as well as deposit they paid.

So, to avoid such stressful situation, please keep tracking your sales, deposits, etc. Make reminders in your calendar at least couple days before the final payment due dates and contact to customers to collect final payments. And as always, please do not forget to submit all your booking within 48 hours at the back office area once it’s paid in full. Happy Selling!!!

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